General workflow

voluba-mriwarp consists of two panels. The side panel on the left is for warping the input T1-weighted MRI scan to MNI ICBM 152 2009c Nonlinear Asymmetric space and displaying the results of the analysis in the atlas context. The viewer on the right side is for displaying and inspecting the input MRI scan.


When running voluba-mriwarp for the first time, the startup may take a few minutes as siibra components need to be fetched.

The general workflow for voluba-mriwarp can be summarized as follows:

icon Choose an input MRI scan.
icon Choose an output folder for the warping results.
icon Warp the input MRI to MNI152 space.
icon Click or enter a coordinate to perform an analysis in the atlas context based on region assignment.
icon Get a quick overview about an assigned brain region in siibra-explorer.
icon Export assigned brain regions together with linked data features to a PDF report for extended analysis.